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The mission of Ginny Robertson, LLC (and my personal mission) is to connect women around the world to their gifts, their purpose and each other. In all my endeavors, I strive to give women a safe place from which they can discover and explore their gifts, experiment with self and ideas, create community, help others and achieve a self-defined success. Women are invited and encouraged to show up real and stand in their power.

To accomplish this, I provide my clients, customers and members with a multi-faceted collection of women's support resources and multiple points of connection that expand their lives and businesses without asking them to sacrifice their magnificent individuality - instead, to bring it to the forefront of everything they do. These resources and points of connection include, On Purpose Woman Community,  Annual On Purpose Woman Conference, Ginny Robertson Workshops and Retreats, On Purpose Woman Magazine, as well as books, articles, keynote addresses and other resources that I have personally created.

Participants in Ginny Robertson, LLC become part of this life- and business-building network - a community of women who believe in each other's strength and ability, and want each member to let their soul shine.

Specifically, Ginny Robertson, LLC serves women of all ages who are seeking more meaningful connections with self and others. In serving this broad age range, We offer a variety of services and products directed at women in various stages of life - from the recent college grad dreaming of entrepreneurship to the recently retired woman looking for what is next.

I am also the originator of a Female Model of Business and Life which re-imagines the "rules" of conducting business and life from a woman's perspective. Using this model, we honor and support the way women want to work and live.

The foundation of the Ginny Robertson, LLC philosophy is connection, authenticity, boldness, community and service without sacrifice of self - an important distinction. Participants, members, clients, customers and employees are the heart of the business. Collectively, they model the company's mission, vision and way of being, sending a message to others about what is possible for women in the world.


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