Speaking Topics

Ginny Robertson is available for Keynotes, Seminars, Workshops, and other Speaking Engagements.

With over 37 years experience in the business community, I am dedicated to teaching people positive principles that will help them live richer, fuller lives. These topics are available and can be adjusted for a keynote, break out session or a half or full day workshop. I can also custom design a presentation specific to the needs of your organization.

A Communication Model That Really Works

Access Your Inner Leader - Some people are born leaders. They have the skills and personality and people naturally follow them. It sometimes looks effortless to those doing the following and may feel effortless to those doing the leading. But many people don’t seek to be a leader. They may not think they have what it takes or they are fearful of failing if they try. Whether someone is a born leader or has never seen themselves in that role, this keynote address will help them access their inner leader. I will share some leadership skills that everyone can cultivate and participants will leave this session feeling not just more confident in their role as a leader…but with a new definition of what leadership really is.

At Least I'm Not on Fire - I once heard that the #1 fear of American men is public speaking and the #1 fear of American women is death by fire. Public speaking is their #2 fear. So if you tremble at the thought of speaking in public, please know that it could be worse. You could be on fire! In this session I'll talk about some of the common fears around public speaking and how to transcend those fears. I'll also spend some time on technique so you'll gain more confidence and comfort in that arena.

Being the Change That We Want to See in the World

Change is Inevitable...Suffering is Optional – One thing we can count on is that change happens...and often there is nothing we can do about it. We can embrace it, find the gifts and move on or we can stay stuck in what “might have been.”

Creating a More Joyful Workplace

Creating your Personal Mission Statement

Dealing With Change

Extreme Self Care for Women

Finding & Living Your Life Purpose: We have a choice...we can either live our lives by accident...blowing like a leaf in the wind and reacting to whatever shows up...or we can Live Our Life On Purpose. I believe that discovering and living our life’s purpose takes some time and effort but the paybacks are tremendous. True joy, peace and passion comes from living on purpose and true misery comes from living in opposition to our purpose.  And it is all about making a choice. Join me for a lively talk that will give you some basic steps to living an authentic life...one that you can’t wait to wake up to every day.

Freedom or Fear...You Get to Choose

Getting Out of Your Own Way: Do you have any unfulfilled dreams or goals? Do you feel that no matter what you do life still isn’t going quite the way you planned? Would you like to find out what might be getting in your way? Join me for a lively, upbeat look at the things that are limiting you and keeping you from having what you want. Have fun while you learn more about what makes you tick – and how to take the next step toward having what you desire both personally and professionally.

Have It Your Way...Living the Life You Desire

How to Promote Yourself with Confidence, Grace & Ease

Joy: It’s an Inside Job

Leadership Skills We Can All Use

Life Balance...Is There Really Such a Thing?

Living an Authentic Life

Networking Naturally:  When it comes to meeting and connecting with others, there are two kinds of people - those who love it and those who don’t. Love it or not, connecting with others helps you create your dreams and reach your goals. Whether you’re looking for a new job, clients for your business, a car mechanic or child care, knowing others makes the process easier. Unfortunately, traditional networking can be an uncomfortable as well as a time and money-wasting experience. In this session you’ll  learn how to transform “cocktail chatter” into meaningful opportunities and to be more comfortable and at ease the next time you walk into a room of strangers.

Procrastination...The Art of Self Sabotage

Run Your Life...Don’t Let It Run You

Skills for Being Heard and Asking For What You Want

Step Up To Your Dream

Take Time For Your Life...Take Care of Yourself

That's Not What I Meant...How to Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say  - There are countless opportunities for miscommunication throughout our day. We say something…the person we’re talking with hears something very different. We jump to conclusions…we find out we are mistaken. We take something personally…we discover the other didn’t mean to offend us. Why is communication sometimes so difficult? One reason is that we bring a lot of what we believe to be true to any situation…whether it’s really true or not. Sometimes we enter a communication thinking we already know the outcome. In short, we make up a lot of stuff based on prior experiences and that gets in the way of harmony in our relationships, both personally and professionally. In this session participants will learn a way of communicating clearly that is so simple they may say “why didn’t I think of that before?”  

Thinking Outside The Box… Using Your Creativity for Problem Solving