Raves & reviews about Ginny Robertson's Keynote Speeches


"I attended the retreat at the Sparks House on Saturday and heard your beautiful message!  Thank you for the wonderful presentation!!  I noticied that you gave out a paper with notes on JOY and the talk that you gave.  When I went back to the large room to get my copy, it was not there.  Is there any way that you could e-mail that paper to me??  I would love a copy because you have inspired me to keep a gratitude journal and seek more JOY in my life."  JB - September, 2010

"It was fabulous hearing you speak yesterday.  I would love to have a copy of the last thing that you read.  And it is my hope that one day I can speak as well as you do.  You are an inspiration."  BH - January, 2010

"Ginny Robertson was the keynote speaker at the April 2004 Harford Community College Administrative Professionals Today program. The Lost Treasures of Simplicity and Joy was her topic as more than 100 women from across the county came to enjoy a day-long Treasure Chest of Activities. Her grace and good humor set just the right tone for this celebration, as she guided her audience to discover simple joys in life and work. Pat Hogan and Marlene Lieb. Harford Community College.  May, 2004