On Purpose Networking

"I am so happy for you Ginny.  You have created a wonderful circle of women and provided support, nuturing and some fun along the way.  I have said it before, but I will say it again - Thank you for your vision.  Enjoy your night - and I look forward to seeing what you create next."  Debby Barry, Design Your Life.  March, 2010

"I just wanted to tell you that I had WOW (wonderful, outstanding,wellworth) time tonight! I am looking forward to becoming a member next month. "  Natasha Lawson.  March, 2010

"I just love being a part of OPN...the most supportive, positive, thoughtful, and creative group I have ever belonged too!!"  Sara Watkins.  July, 2009

"One of the amazing things that I cherish about OPN is the care that women have for one another.  And, your model is showing women how to do this."  Robin Peters, Whole Healing.  July, 2009

"I attend On Purpose Networking for the sisterhood, inspiration and networking, in that order. I have made great friends, supportive business relationships and always leave feeling lighter than when I arrive. On a social/spiritual level, these are women I can relate to--givers, not takers."  Joanna Brandt, Yoga Health.  March, 2009

"Connections Over Coffee is lively, fun, educational and a great place to connect with other women in business.  I really enjoy the event and have made some good connections there."  Joan Gugerty. March, 2009

"As a fan / member of OPN, I was excited to hear that there is now an opportunity to network during the day. Not only is it another venue to meet like minded women but it's the "charge" I need until the next connection! Networking and coffee...does it get any better?" - Monique Washington of Washington's Karate Dojo, LLC.  March, 2009

"I’ve been a member of On Purpose Networking since the beginning and have attended every OPN gathering at least once (except the newborn Harford County Connections Over Coffee, which is the same day as my PhotoShop class; I’ll be there first chance I get). I have a hard time imagining what my life could have been like without OPN and the numerous—and deeply special—connections I’ve made over the years. Some of these connections are very practical. Through OPN, I’ve found my dentist, hairdresser, home repair-person, shaman, healing touch practitioner, massage therapist, professional coach, The Wardrobe Wizard, karmic astrologer, feng shui consultant, accountant, computer guru, psychotherapist, acupuncturist, truffle-chef, mortgage loan officer, breast thermal-imager, florist, photographer, garden helper and database developer, not to mention several role-models, a bunch of “adopted daughters,” and a cadre of friends I know I can call on at a moment’s notice. All of this doesn’t include the tremendous business support I’ve gotten, most recently as I’ve developed my growing program in Radical Self-Love—loving yourself from the root of your being. OPN has been the incubator for my business, and in a lot of ways, for learning to love myself. I know I can count on my sister members to support me when I’m struggling and rejoice with me when everything falls into place. I don’t know where else in the whole world I can go and be able to count on that 24/7!"  Ann Kirby, Radical Self-Love – all the difference.  March, 2009