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Contact: Ginny Robertson  
Phone: 443-934-3523
Address: 3500 Olney Laytonsville Rd, Olney, MD, 20832  
Location: Olney Library
Date: February 15, 2018  (10:00am - 12:00pm)

Every 3rd Thursday

Please join us for the next Connections Over Coffee gathering in Olney.

IMPORTANT: Because of construction at our usual meeting space, we'll meet at the Olney Library in February and March. The room is reserved as "Sylvia Henderson's Women's Discussion Group." There will be a sign outside the room which is close to where you come in. If you can't find us, ask the desk where Sylvia Henderson's meeting is.

Dawn Shuler speaks on "Turn Your Customers Into Raving Fans." See below for more info on Dawn and her talk.

If you know you want to attend this meeting, scroll down and click on the Registration Link, fill out and hit send. That will help us plan for snacks and seating. If you find you can attend at the last minute, it is OK to just show up.

Members may attend unlimited meetings each month for free. Guests may attend 3 meetings for free. After attending 3 meetings, your fee is $25 per meeting. However, if you join the On Purpose Woman Community, you can also attend unlimited meetings for free!


The On Purpose Woman Community was founded in March 2000. There are 10 monthly meetings around Maryland and one in Virginia, with other in-state and out-of-state locations planned.

If you have not visited us, come on out and see why women love this community. And if you have visited with us before, I hope you'll come and see us again!

Women tell me that they are drawn to the heart-centered way we approach our businesses and each other. They love the ease of connecting with new women and reconnecting with those they have met before and the support they receive from one another.

While many of the women who attend are entrepreneurs, our meetings are open to all women. Are you retired or have you lost your job and looking for what your "next thing" may be? Let us help make this time of transition easier and more fun! Maybe you're a stay-at-home mom looking for some adult connections and a little down time. Come and hang out with us! Students, corporate/government employees, non-profit heads...there is a place at our table for all of you! Thinking of starting a business? Then you definitely want to make these connections.

And...invite your women friends to come with you!

10:00 - 10:30 - Connecting
10:30 - 12:00 - Announcements/Introductions/Featured Members/Speaker/Door Prizes
Coffee & Tea

The meeting ends at 12:00.

There are opportunities to network after for those who want to stay.

Please reserve your space by midnight Wednesday, February 14th by clicking on the REGISTER link below.

I appreciate your registering in advance as that helps us prepare. However, if you find you can attend at the last minute it is OK to just show up.



A customer has a 60-70% chance of converting to more sales That means your focus needs to be more on client retention rather than the constant gerbil wheel of trying to bring on brand-new customers. Turn your customers into raving fans, and they're that much more likely to buy from you... again and again and again.

But let's keep going deeper... along with creating repeat buyers, you also want to create raving fans.

According to the New York Times, 65% of all new business comes from referrals. That means on average, two-thirds of consumers make purchases because someone they know recommended a particular product or service.

See how important it is that you truly connect with your prospects and clients, and provide stellar customer service? Because there's nothing like a raving fan to help you build your business.

Dawn Shuler will discuss why people buy and how they make buying decisions as well as understanding the elements of a customer service nurturing campaign that keeps your customers front of mind and keeps them coming back for more.

As a business coach and consultant since 2005, Dawn Shuler helps her clients solidify their brand and message, create efficient systems and processes, design more effective and powerful sales processes and presentations, and ensure an appropriate, consistent communication and customer service system throughout the organization.

In addition, Dawn is a Level 3 Licensed Certified Trainer for BANKCODE™, a values-based personality profiling system that has been scientifically-proven to predict buying behavior.

She is a highly sought-after speaker with an emphasis on authentic sales training for women, working only in one's Zone of Genius, and working from the Deeper Why. Dawn's personal Deeper Why is to help people claim their Authentic Selves and manifest them into thriving businesses.

Phone: (301) 541-3577
Email: Dawn@SmartBusinessFromYourSoul.com
Web: www.SmartBusinessFromYourSoul.com