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Contact: Ginny Robertson  
Phone: 443-934-3523
Address: 8975 Guilford Rd, Suite 170, Columbia, MD, 21046  
Location: Nourishing Journey
Date: September 28, 2018  (10:00am - 12:00pm)

Every Last Friday


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Members may attend unlimited meetings each month for free. Guests may attend 3 meetings for free. After attending 3 meetings, your fee is $25 per meeting. However, if you join the On Purpose Woman Community, you can also attend unlimited meetings for free!


The On Purpose Woman Community was founded in March 2000. There are 8 monthly meetings around Maryland and Richmond VA is starting in October.

If you have not visited us, come on out and see why women love this community. And if you have visited with us before, I hope you'll come and see us again!

"One of the things I love about the On Purpose Woman Community is feeling at home, like I've found my people. Being a part of the variety of women from all walks of life, all ages, all demographics and stages of life. is inspiring and enriching. The connection and safe space here is real and I'm so grateful to have found it!."
Dawn Shuler, The Shuler Group

These meetings are open to all women, at any stage of life or business. They help women who are:

Building their businesses
Developing their speaking skills
Working on being out loud and brave in the world
Retired and looking for connection
In transition and looking for inspiration and ideas
Looking for work
Looking to make new friends
Looking for business collaborations

Come experience the On Purpose Woman Community, a refreshingly authentic, encouraging, non-judgmental
and positive place to connect and thrive in the company of other amazing women.

Come see why these meetings are called badass, unique and not like anything else you're going to experience in any traditional networking community.

And...invite your women friends to come with you!

"One of the reasons I love these meetings is the heart-centered way we approach our businesses and
our lives. Connecting with other women here is easy. I always feel welcome, appreciated, respected and
Laura Di Franco, MPT Owner of Brave Healer Productions

10:00 - 10:30 - Connecting
10:30 - 12:00 - Announcements/Introductions/Featured Members/Speaker/Door Prizes
Food and drink may be purchased in the Nourishing Journey cafe. Walk through the door and it's right in front of you. To get to our meeting space, turn right and it's straight ahead.

The meeting ends at 12:00.

There are opportunities to connect after for those who want to stay.

Please reserve your space by midnight Thursday, September 27th by clicking on the REGISTER link below.

I appreciate your registering in advance as that helps us prepare. However, if you find you can attend at the last minute it is OK to just show up.


We’ve all heard the common saying, “Your money OR your life”.But over recent years, my work with women and money has given me new insight. That “OR” is a belief that stops us from living our best, most fulfilled and prosperous lives! So it’s high time we come to understand and embrace the more useful truth - Let’s make it all about “Our money AND our lives”.

The enormous power in that small word “AND” has the potential to heal the destructive energies of regret, shame,
blame, struggle, and denial. The new “AND Reality” is that your money and your life are integrally and energetically connected.

So, the more closely and honestly they communicate, and the more intimately they understand each other, the more they work hand in hand, the better and more joyously they can work together to support you and your life missions.

It’s not easy - at least not at first – but it IS that simple. Money work is soul work. And money talks. The question is:
Are you listening?

Sandy is a Holistic Life and Money Coach, Speaker, and Author who finally confronted the elephant in her living room and faced, head on, the disconnect and disempowerment in her financial life. Now she helps women find connection, peace, power, balance, and flow in their lives without leaving out the
crucial topic of money, so they can create it all - a strong financial foundation AND health, freedom, and fulfillment
throughout their lives.

Sandy is committed to breaking deep taboos around culture, family, gender, creativity, and money – taboos many of us have lived with all our lives - so we can all love our dreams, find our voice, and walk our path with peace, joy, and a deep sense of purpose.