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Ginny Robertson Interviewed for Moms Inc. Newsletter
February 20, 2006
Ginny Robertson, a present day entrepreneur in every sense of the word, had the beginnings of her business mindset early in life. She can recall how as a little girl she used to turn her room into a shop and sell to imaginary people. In the following years, there were other entrepreneurial ventures, and in the midst of these a seed for starting a magazine took root. Yet, in spite of her natural proclivities towards entrepreneurship, Ginny chose to follow the traditional career path, getting a “job” and she says “always doing what other people told [me] to do”. There brewed, however, an underlying discontent.

Like an experienced pitcher, life began to throw its curve balls, and during the process of rebuilding her life, Ginny participated in “The Excellence Series” offered by a local seminar company. She eventually went through their facilitator training and assisted with their programs on a part time basis.

Then something else happened. She turned 40! At this point, Ginny made a conscious decision that the next 40 years were going to be different and that the next year was going to be HER year. She began to make bold steps, walking away from her corporate finance and banking job and taking a 60% cut in pay as an employee with the same seminar company. She started on the road to creating the life she desired. Within months of this major shift, she met her life partner.

In March 2000, Ginny began On Purpose Networking for Women, an organization that gives women an opportunity to find their voice in the world and to use it for greater professional and personal success. In the beginning there were some self-imposed obstacles. One was a fear of creating a niche within her market. She had concerns that her many talents would remain unknown and thus be underutilized. This was coming out of a fear of scarcity, she says. She, however, began to see the importance of figuring out what she was offering and how to offer it. In order to establish herself as an expert, she had to get clear about her capabilities. Having this clarity helped her establish her mission which has simplified her decisions about the numerous ‘opportunities’ that come her way. She must honestly answer, “Does this ‘chance of a lifetime’ create steps toward her mission or away?”

Ginny also states that “being clear kept [me] from taking everyone’s advice.” Everyone has an agenda and it is usually not your own.”

Ginny’s venture with On Purpose Woman Magazine started in December, 2003. This, combined with 4 On Purpose Networking locations and the workshops and keynote speeches she also offers requires much of her time and focus. She feels blessed that her husband has been a tremendous support to her and has told her that it may be that part of his purpose here is to support her in pursuing her dreams. What a shoulder to lean on!

Early in her business Ginny recalls visiting the Baltimore City Small Business Resource Center and the counselor there stating that she would have to decide if her undertaking was a business or a hobby. In retrospect, she does see that in the beginning she dabbled more than she needed to and can say that she wishes she took this process more seriously then, instead of a “Gee, isn’t this fun” attitude. She also would have included other people more, networked more, and ask for more help in the beginning.

Ginny’s life is blooming. She is definitely living her life ‘On Purpose’. I think the entrepreneurial seed has finally set deep, unshakable roots.